We are happy
to offer a variety of convenient
and specialty services:

Whether you are in a rush and want to take advantage of our curb-side prescription pick-up or prefer a one-on-one consultation at your home, we have the time and knowledge for you and your family.

Medication Flavouring

Studies have shown that allowing a child to play an active role in choosing the flavour of their medication makes him/her more compliant to drug regimens. Showing a child that they have the capability to modify the flavour of a medication to a one of their liking grants them some authority in their treatment. If you would like to know if the prescription you have for your child is one of many bad tasting medicines, please call us at 416-322-0123.

And it’s not just for kids. Adults can have their liquid medication flavored too. One of our many flavours will surely help it go down easier:

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Banana-orange
  • Bubblegum
  • Chocolate
  • Cherry
  • Grape
  • Lemon
  • Marshmallow
  • Mint
  • Orange
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • …and more

24Hr Medication Refill & Prescription Ordering

Three convenient methods:

  1. Refill online at apothecapharmacy.ca at home or with your mobile device.
  2. Leave a message anytime on our confidential voice mail.
  3. Have your physician fax the prescription anytime to 416-322-0125.

One-On-One Health Consultations

Our clients have access to our pharmacists in a private consultation room in-store or they can come to your home. Here are some of the topics we specialize in:

  • General Health including medication and vitamin interactions
  • Bio-identical Horomone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
  • Controlling Chronic Pain
  • Managing Diabetes
  • Preventative and Anti-aging
  • Smoking Cessation

Do you have questions about your health? Do you have a chronic disease? Do you want to learn more about your medications or supplements? Do you want to understand bio-identical hormones and whether they are right for you? Would you like to finally quit smoking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call or email us and arrange an in-depth, private One-on-One consultation with one of our highly trained Pharmacists. Our medication experts can educate you on your disease and how your medications work in your body to keep you healthy.

Much of our practice concentrates on preventative health care which helps to keep the body’s systems strong and healthy through nutrition and the proper use of medication. Apotheca Compounding Pharmacy is unique because we focus on healthy lifestyles, nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements and nutraceuticals to promote long-term health. We help to empower our patients to find solutions for their health by educating on integrative therapies and discussing the risks and benefits of all therapy options. We are happy to work with your physician, naturopath, and any other healthcare professional, to achieve optimal results for you. Contact us today.

Medication plays an important role in treating many conditions and diseases, but when they are no longer needed it’s important to dispose of them properly to avoid harm to others. Health Canada, list some disposal options and some special disposal instructions for you to consider when throwing out expired, unwanted, or unused medicines http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/health-sante/medicine-medicament/disposal-defaire-eng.php 


Specialty Compounding

Compounding combines an ageless art with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, allowing our specially trained pharmacists to prepare customized medications to meet each patient’s specific needs. The demand for professional compounding has increased as healthcare professionals and patients realize that the limited number of strengths and dosage forms that are commercially available do not meet the needs of many patients, and that these patients often have a better response to a customized dosage form.

Our compounding pharmacists can prepare:

  • unique dosage forms containing the best dose of medication for each individual.
  • medications in dosage forms that are not commercially available, such as transdermal gels, troches (lozenges), and more.
  • medications free of problem-causing excipients such as dyes, sugar, lactose, gluten or alcohol.
  • combinations of various compatible medications into a single dosage form for easier administration and improved compliance.
  • medications that are not commercially available or are on back-order from the manufacturer

Compounding can offer some creative methods of treating medical conditions. For example, for those with swallowing difficulties or nausea, creams or gels can be made to carry medicine through the skin. In addition, tasty liquids can be made to carry drugs for a child who is reluctant to take his or her medicine. Read more on compounding.

Medication Organizer (Blister packs)

Helpful and convenient reminder of what and when to take medication. Completely organized system that’s ideal for caregivers too. We will even include your vitamin supplements.

Convenient Curb-side Service or Home Delivery

No time to park, call us ahead, (416-322-0123) and we will gladly bring your order out to your car or deliver the medication to your home.

Injection Services

We are trained to administer many vaccines to protect from diseases such as hepatitis, HPV, shingles, influenza and pneumococcal disease. Please note, an injection fee applies for all vaccines, except for the publicly funded flu shot.

Edited Selection of Nutritional Supplements & Vitamins

We have handpicked what we think are some of the best products for our clients so that they are making a choice based on the best available.